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Uncommon Common Art

Exploration of Uncommon Common Art is a unique way to experience Kings County, Nova Scotia and the Fundy Shore. This self-guided tour allows visitors to meander country lanes and explore all that we have to offer at their own pace. Our map often leads visitors to the hidden gems of Kings County. Art Installation locations allow tourists to explore and appreciate the wonders and beauty of Kings County. “Design a Day” – visit installations while enjoying all the other amenities. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy all that the area has to offer (i.e., globally recognized wine industry, craft beer, hiking trails, restaurants, etc.) while visiting the art installations. Perfect for individuals of all ages. An adventure for just the two of you or the whole family. Amongst other adventures families can participate in geocaching while searching for the installations. Individuals can enjoy the exhibit at their leisure any time of day (no constraints). UCA allows people to create a self-guided tour that’s customizable and flexible to their schedule, interests, and needs.   UCA’s exhibit leads people off the beaten path to discover hidden treasures.  

Opening Hours: Sunday 01:00 - 24:00Monday 01:00 - 24:00Tuesday 01:00 - 24:00Wednesday 01:00 - 24:00Thursday 01:00 - 24:00Friday 01:00 - 24:00Saturday 01:00 - 24:00
Services and Facilities:
Ocean View
Photography Landscape Painting

Kings County
NS - B4P1C7

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Contact Name: Terry Drahos

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