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  • North Cape PEI visual of the wind

    Visiting North Cape PEI will take your breath away. Read why on this blog.

  • Ross Farm Museum

    Here we Blog about Ross Farm Museum located in New Ross NS. It was an experience we will not forget.

  • Sherbrooke Village Museum

    Sherbrooke Village Museum is a must see. Be sure to allow a full day. Original buildings and locations

  • West Point Lighthouse at the end of the boardwalk at Cedar Dunes Provincial Park

    West Point Lighthouse & Inn along with the fabulous beach are a must see.

  • Port Royal Habitation

    A MUST see when traveling in Nova Scotia. Close to Annapolis Royal as well.

  • Red River and Pleasant Bay

    This image of Pleasant bay is not all you will find in this area or this article. Read more by clicking this link.

  • Veterans Memorial Park

    Bass River Memorial to the fallen - A must see

  • Fundy Ecotour

    So much to see on this exciting trip on the Fundy Shore Eco-tour

  • Point Prim Lighthouse

    Point Prim Lighthouse

    A visit to the oldest and only brick lighthouse on PEI, lovingly restored.

  • Highland Village

    The Highland Village in Iona Cape Breton sits on a hill over looking the great Bras d'Or Lake. A must see when you are in the area. Step back in Time.

  • Wood Islands Lighthous

    Step back in time in this wonderful well kept Lighthouse. The views from there are fantastic and you can watch the Ferry come and go.

  •  Bay St. Lawrence, Meat Cove and Hideaway

    This Blog has tales of 3 different areas located in the Highlands of Cape Breton including Meat Cove or the end of the earth-  isolation at its finest.

  • Hampton Lighthouse

    Read about the trip from Paradise to Delaps Cove

  • St. Peters & Battery Point

    Our story about what you will find when visiting St Peters Provincial Park and St. Peter's Canal.

  • Cape Forchu Lightstation

    This blog is all about a lightstation unlike any other lighthouse. Such a beautiful spot to visit.

  • Panmure Island Lighthouse

    Panmure Island Lighthouse

    Another one of PEI’s charming lighthouses.

  • Our Victoria Day Long Weekend

    A little story of our trip along the Fundy coast and some of the interesting things we saw.

  • Orwell Corner Historic Village - PEI

    Orwell Corner is a must see when visiting PEI. Plan to spend the day. It is amazing.

  • Joggins to Chigneto

    Trip from Joggins to Cape Chignecto

  • Joggins Entrance Sign

    See the Story of Joggins Fossil Cliffs (UNESCO)

Travel Routes

Joggins to Cape Chignecto

Route - Joggins Fossil Cliffs, along Hwy #209 to Apple River Rd and

Eatonville Day Use Area, Cape Chignecto Provincial Park

2c rock cliffs at Anderson's CoveAfter spending the day at Joggins Fossil Cliffs, an amazing day learning about the UNESCO World Heritage Site, we continued along Hwy #209 south toward Cape Chignecto Provincial Park.  A wildness park along the coastline of the Bay of Fundy with towering cliffs and forests. You can camp here, expect a walk-in site or spend the day as we did. 

1t cliff formationsBut before we got there, Hwy #209 turns into Shulie Rd., dirt backroad which took us along some beautiful coastal views and places to stop. Turn onto Apple River Rd., for our first stopping point; Apple River Bay.  You will find it just after the bridge and just before the sign that advertises kayaking. The tide was out so we had the chance to walk along the beach observing the cliffs and the view of the lighthouse on Cape Capstan, the point of land across the bay.

We caught up to the kayaks at Spicers Cove, also a pleasant place to stop and observe the higher cliffs.

FissureContinuing in, you come to another dirt road, still passable which takes you to Eatonville Day Use Park, in Cape Chignecto Provincial Park. Drive to the parking lot where you learn there are 2 hiking trails. We followed Trail Loop 1 – 4, a fairly easy 2.6 km trail with 4 look-off points. There is a second trail showing more look off points which is well marked and both trails could be done in the day for 5.5 kms or 2-3 hrs hiking time.

The 1-4 loop was long enough for us and Chessey & Sadie, our canine girls. They were happy enough with that loop too. The look-offs are worth the walk with each look-off well marked with information. I’ll leave you to find out for yourself, but I did include some pictures to feed your curiosity and explore for yourself. 

Paradise to Delaps Cove

Route – Paradise to Delaps Cove, including Delaps Cove Wildness Trail

Along the Bay of Fundy in Annapolis County, Nova Scotia

This route is done easily in a day with stops along the way, including a lighthouse, fishing  boats and at the end a hike to a waterfall.  The route is mainly on secondary road along the Bay of Fundy Shore with a good dirt road to return to Hwy #1, Port Royal.

boats in the harbourPortLorneStart the trip in Paradise (no kidding, there really is a Paradise) along Hwy #1 and find your way along secondary roads to Port Lorne, a small fishing village. As you wind your way along the hilly road to dip down toward the village there is an amazing view, in clear weather you can see New Brunswick! Find your way to the small harbour.

Hampton lighthouseContinue along the Brinton Rd. to St. Croix Cove Rd. to your next stop, Hampton and Hampton Lighthouse. The lighthouse is open so you can climb the steep stairs to the top where an electronic light is still active guiding the fishing boats in and out of the harbour. When we were there the tide was out, so we had that unique view found along the Bay of Fundy fishing villages, boats well below the wharf.2 fishing boats in the harbour at low tideHampton

Come out of Hampton on the Shore Rd.; this is the road you stay on for the rest of the trip and like its name, you do follow the shoreline with views of the Bay of Fundy most of the way. There are 2 campgrounds along the way if you want to look for a place to camp. Cove Oceanfront Campground is a premier campground for RV’s close to Parker’s Cove. Parker’s Cove also hosts a take-out restaurant, Nautical Seafoods Cafe & Market. We didn’t stop there. However, we did poke around Bayshore Harbour with it’s fishing boats and fishing shacks. One of the shacks was very cute, I’m sure you’ll find it when you look and hope you like cats!4a close up of painted shacks

On to Delaps Cove where Fundy Trail Campground and Cottages is located. We just passed through. Do continue along the Shore Rd, now dirt, to head down into Delaps Cove Harbour, for another view of the Bay of Fundy and fishing boats.fishing boats and shacksDelapscove

We continued along the road and found a small dirt road leading to the Fundy Trail Campground tenting area. We drove through and it is a wildness campsite with only an outhouse, but the sites have firepits and were located by a small flowing creek. However, you do need 4 wheel drive to get up the one steep hill to get out of the area, so if you don’t have that go back the way you came and and look for the sign to head down into Delaps Cove Wildness Trail. The road down is well marked and easily accessible. There are 2 trails and we followed Bohaker Trail through forests, coastline to a waterfall. The hike is well marked with information markers and an easy hike of 2.2 km loop. There is also a second hike if you feel adventures. We were glad we did the hike. The stream leading to the waterfall were shallow and the best time to visit would be the spring where it is easy to see the evidence of water shaping the landscape and the impact of spring run-off.5b waterfall

To get back to Hwy #1, back track a short way from the Wildness Area to the Hollow Mountain Rd., a well maintained and signed dirt road to Port Royal.  Now there is a place to visit and so our write up will continue with more explorations for another day. 



Paradise to Delaps

  • Delaps Cove Boats
    Delaps Cove Boats

    Nestled in behind the shelter of the wharf and resting on a Sunday

  • Our Girls Walking the trail
    Our Girls Walking the trail

    Chessey and Saddie had a lovely day walking trails but were happy to run into  cool brooks along the way.

  • Hampton Lighthouse
    Hampton Lighthouse

    Beautiful working lighthouse and Museum. This light watches over the 4 fishing families

  • Delaps Cove Trail Walk Way
    Delaps Cove Trail Walk Way

    Delaps Cove Wilderness Trail is well maintained with nice boardwalks where needed.

  • Meier Point Marker
    Meier Point Marker

    Memorial to the Plants and Marshes

  • Low Tide at Parkers Cove
    Low Tide at Parkers Cove

    The Fishing boats await the tide to float again.

  • Painted Shacks
    Painted Shacks

    Parkers Cove where the cat awaits the arrival of the FISHing Fleet

  • Fishing Shacks Parkers Cove
    Fishing Shacks Parkers Cove

    These bright colors create a fun atmosphere in the cove. 

  • Rocky Shore at Delaps Cove
    Rocky Shore at Delaps Cove

    The lands are very beautiful here

  • Hampton Fishing Boats
    Hampton Fishing Boats

    The image was taken about mid tide they are still afloat.

  • Parkers Cove fishing boats
    Parkers Cove fishing boats

    Low tide at Parker's Cove.