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  • Wood Islands Lighthous

    Step back in time in this wonderful well kept Lighthouse. The views from there are fantastic and you can watch the Ferry come and go.

  • North Cape PEI visual of the wind

    Visiting North Cape PEI will take your breath away. Read why on this blog.

  • Joggins to Chigneto

    Trip from Joggins to Cape Chignecto

  • Heritage Boat Launch - Canada Day 2017

    Heritage Boat Launch - Louisbourg Nova Scotia, The story around how it all came about. 

  • Fundy Ecotour

    So much to see on this exciting trip on the Fundy Shore Eco-tour

  • Orwell Corner Historic Village - PEI

    Orwell Corner is a must see when visiting PEI. Plan to spend the day. It is amazing.

  • West Point Lighthouse at the end of the boardwalk at Cedar Dunes Provincial Park

    West Point Lighthouse & Inn along with the fabulous beach are a must see.

  • Joggins Entrance Sign

    See the Story of Joggins Fossil Cliffs (UNESCO)

  • Hampton Lighthouse

    Read about the trip from Paradise to Delaps Cove

  • Veterans Memorial Park

    Bass River Memorial to the fallen - A must see

  • Our Victoria Day Long Weekend

    A little story of our trip along the Fundy coast and some of the interesting things we saw.

  •  Bay St. Lawrence, Meat Cove and Hideaway

    This Blog has tales of 3 different areas located in the Highlands of Cape Breton including Meat Cove or the end of the earth-  isolation at its finest.

  • Point Prim Lighthouse

    Point Prim Lighthouse

    A visit to the oldest and only brick lighthouse on PEI, lovingly restored.

  • Panmure Island Lighthouse

    Panmure Island Lighthouse

    Another one of PEI’s charming lighthouses.

  • Highland Village

    The Highland Village in Iona Cape Breton sits on a hill over looking the great Bras d'Or Lake. A must see when you are in the area. Step back in Time.

  • Sherbrooke Village Museum

    Sherbrooke Village Museum is a must see. Be sure to allow a full day. Original buildings and locations

  • Red River and Pleasant Bay

    This image of Pleasant bay is not all you will find in this area or this article. Read more by clicking this link.

  • Cape Forchu Lightstation

    This blog is all about a lightstation unlike any other lighthouse. Such a beautiful spot to visit.

  • Ross Farm Museum

    Here we Blog about Ross Farm Museum located in New Ross NS. It was an experience we will not forget.

  • St. Peters & Battery Point

    Our story about what you will find when visiting St Peters Provincial Park and St. Peter's Canal.

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Ross Farm Museum

Ross Farm Museum

New Ross, Nova Scotia

As many of the museums scattered across Nova Scotia, Ross Farm tells us the story of rural life and farming 100 to 175 years ago. Captain Ross was given 800 acres of land free for past military service in 1816 and after 5 generations of the family farmed here, some of the land was purchased by New Ross District Museum Society.

11c shoeing oxRoss Farm is a peaceful place with lots to see with interpreters dressed in the costume of the day working as the generations of Ross family would have worked. The blacksmith was shoeing an ox, a team of oxen were tilling the fields, the cooper was making barrels and the women were cooking and doing dishes in Rose Bank Cottage.12n oxen ploughing

What makes this museum different is the heritage breeds of many animals who are around the property as you visit the buildings. See one of my favorite pictures of the roster and the hen by the barn door.

9b rooster and hen by barn doorTake the day and enjoy the farm. I suspect the black lamb we saw is already growing up; however, the beautiful dishes of the period are still showing in Rose Bank Cottage dining-room. Activities occur throughout the day so check the website to see what is going on. A great way to see the farm is the horse and buggy ride. Take a quiet day and watch for all the animals as you tour the farm and ask questions of the friendly interpreters about this important part of Nova Scotia history.



Check out their website HERE


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Ross Farm

  • The Cook
    The Cook

    Woman working in the kitchen

  • OX being shoed
    OX being shoed

    This OX is getting a new set of shoes. Not to happy about it but necessary.

  • Ducklings swim with mom
    Ducklings swim with mom

    These little ones do not go far from their mother.

  • Sheep nose to nose
    Sheep nose to nose

    Ba Ba Black Sheep does have some wool.

  • The Teacher
    The Teacher

    The teacher gave us a lesson on life at the Farm.

  • Making a spoon
    Making a spoon

    Here the wood worker has just started to make a spoon.

  • Modes of Transportation
    Modes of Transportation

    This is Folk Art of modes of transportation back in the day.

  • Farm roof from the inside
    Farm roof from the inside

    Shiver Me Timbers this building will be standing a long time.

  • Pig in a pen
    Pig in a pen
  • Beautiful OX
    Beautiful OX

    You have to admire and respect this beast of burden.

  • Laundry blowing in the breeze
    Laundry blowing in the breeze

    The workers here do get their cloths dirty from time to time.

  • Horse and Wagon
    Horse and Wagon

    Take a ride around the Ross Farm in a horse drawn wagon.

  • Oxen Plowing
    Oxen Plowing

    Oxen Plowing the field making light work for the farmers

  • Rooster and Hen
    Rooster and Hen

    These two are enjoying a stroll around the farm.

  • Sheep

    This one was not sheepish at all.

  • Ross Bank Cottage
    Ross Bank Cottage

    View from the work shop of the Ross Bank Cottage

  • Beautiful Blue Platter
    Beautiful Blue Platter

    Dishes were very fancy in these times

  • The Formal Sitting Room
    The Formal Sitting Room

    Here we have the formal sitting room in the cottage.

  • Wood working tools
    Wood working tools

    This guy can take a block of wood and turn it into something useful.

  • Open Fields of Ross Farm
    Open Fields of Ross Farm