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  • Ross Farm Museum

    Here we Blog about Ross Farm Museum located in New Ross NS. It was an experience we will not forget.

  • Point Prim Lighthouse

    Point Prim Lighthouse

    A visit to the oldest and only brick lighthouse on PEI, lovingly restored.

  • North Cape PEI visual of the wind

    Visiting North Cape PEI will take your breath away. Read why on this blog.

  • Fundy Ecotour

    So much to see on this exciting trip on the Fundy Shore Eco-tour

  •  Bay St. Lawrence, Meat Cove and Hideaway

    This Blog has tales of 3 different areas located in the Highlands of Cape Breton including Meat Cove or the end of the earth-  isolation at its finest.

  • Cape Forchu Lightstation

    This blog is all about a lightstation unlike any other lighthouse. Such a beautiful spot to visit.

  • Orwell Corner Historic Village - PEI

    Orwell Corner is a must see when visiting PEI. Plan to spend the day. It is amazing.

  • St. Peters & Battery Point

    Our story about what you will find when visiting St Peters Provincial Park and St. Peter's Canal.

  • Heritage Boat Launch - Canada Day 2017

    Heritage Boat Launch - Louisbourg Nova Scotia, The story around how it all came about. 

  • Joggins Entrance Sign

    See the Story of Joggins Fossil Cliffs (UNESCO)

  • Panmure Island Lighthouse

    Panmure Island Lighthouse

    Another one of PEI’s charming lighthouses.

  • Hampton Lighthouse

    Read about the trip from Paradise to Delaps Cove

  • West Point Lighthouse at the end of the boardwalk at Cedar Dunes Provincial Park

    West Point Lighthouse & Inn along with the fabulous beach are a must see.

  • Joggins to Chigneto

    Trip from Joggins to Cape Chignecto

  • Highland Village

    The Highland Village in Iona Cape Breton sits on a hill over looking the great Bras d'Or Lake. A must see when you are in the area. Step back in Time.

  • Veterans Memorial Park

    Bass River Memorial to the fallen - A must see

  • Sherbrooke Village Museum

    Sherbrooke Village Museum is a must see. Be sure to allow a full day. Original buildings and locations

  • Our Victoria Day Long Weekend

    A little story of our trip along the Fundy coast and some of the interesting things we saw.

  • Red River and Pleasant Bay

    This image of Pleasant bay is not all you will find in this area or this article. Read more by clicking this link.

  • Wood Islands Lighthous

    Step back in time in this wonderful well kept Lighthouse. The views from there are fantastic and you can watch the Ferry come and go.

Highland Village

Baile nan Gaidheal--Highland Village

Iona, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia


Cape Breton has a strong heritage of Scottish roots, with Gaelic language, music and dance an important part of the Cape Breton culture.

14c various views of the villageIona, named after a community in  Scotland, was settled by Gaelic speaking immigrants from the Isle of Barra in 1802. Highland Village tells the story of that settlement starting at the black house, a stone house in Scotland. Outside the Black HouseWalk the village and see the economic and cultural development of Gaelic settlers on Cape Breton, covering the period starting 1770 to 1920’s.

The Village is located in a very peaceful and beautiful spot overlooking and surrounded by the Bras d’Or Lakes.    

If you love history and museums, you will enjoy watching history unfold with the help of the interpreters, dressed in costume and proud of their Gaelic background. My favourite parts were the views, all the goods in the General Store, the way time and history unfolded as we wound our way along the paths of the Village.

Link to Highland Village Website

Highland Village

  • Black Smith at work
    Black Smith at work

    This guy handles hot stuff all day. Repairs, New product he did it all.

  • The Black House
    The Black House

    Old Stone house representative of how the settlers lived in Scotland prior to settling in Iona.

  • The Church
    The Church

    A top the hill sits the iconic Church that was moved from its original site in Malagawatch to the Highland Village.

  • Inside turn of the Century Home
    Inside turn of the Century Home

    We found a 3D viewer with slides.

  • Inside the Church
    Inside the Church

    This church would fill up regularly for worship.

  • The log House
    The log House

    Moving up in comfort.

  • General Store Post Office
    General Store Post Office

    Years are advancing with mail, and note the phone.

  • View from the Village
    View from the Village

    From the edge of the Village we get a great view of the Bras d'Or Lake

  • Black Smith finished products
    Black Smith finished products

    From fancy stuff to nails for building houses. He did it all.

  • Shool House Black Board
    Shool House Black Board

    I would bet that black board saw a lot of chalk 

  • The Kitchen
    The Kitchen

    Things started to get cozier in later years.

  • Horse enjoying the view
    Horse enjoying the view

    Working horse enjoying a break.

  • Village and Bras d'Or Lake
    Village and Bras d'Or Lake

    We could not believe the views from the Highland Village.

  • General Store goods for sale
    General Store goods for sale

    The even had candy.

  • Central Fire Place
    Central Fire Place

    What better way to heat a house, with a fireplace in the middle.

  • The School House
    The School House


Fundy Shore Ecotour – Nova Scotia

Fundy Shore Ecotour – Nova Scotia

The Fundy Shore Ecotour, a scenic drive which encircles the Bay of Fundy, starting in Brooklyn Hants County to Amherst and follows the shores of Chegnecto Bay, Minas Basin and Cobequid Bay.  We only covered a small portion but there was so much to see it took us the day!  Any of the places we visited could have been a day themselves if we had more time to explore. 

Our first stop was Fox Point Lookout. There is a short hike, but we didn’t take it but did find a spot for a great shot of the Digby Split across the water.Fox Point Lookout

Barn along Fundy Shore EcotourThe Age of Sail Heritage Center Museum located along Highway 209, Port Greville, is a must see, operated by the Greville Bay Shipbuilding Museum Society. The society is a charitable organization dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the lumbering and shipbuilding history of the Parrsboro Shore.

The Museum building itself and the history of the non-profit organization is an interesting story. There is a lot to see, helpful and friendly volunteers and we didn’t give ourselves enough time to really do the museum justice. The site includes cafe/gift shop, a boat shed, a blacksmith shop and a band saw shed. Several walking trails lead from the museum to historic and natural features along the river and home to the Lighthouse. Inside the centre are artifacts, exhibits and photos of the era.

Further off the beaten path is Spencer’s Island, located at the western end of Greville Bay on the Bay of Fundy. With a history of important shipbuilding, the island now includes Old Shipyard Beach Campground, café, beautiful beach and a historic lighthouse dating to 1904 recently been granted permission by the Canadian Coast Guard to turn the light back on.

lighthouseThe Spencer’s Island Lighthouse had a central role in the sea-faring history of Cumberland County, and is an important community landmark. The rugged terrain in this part of Nova Scotia made land travel difficult. Communities in this are relied heavily on shipbuilding and shipping for its economic growth. The Spencer’s Island Lighthouse is a “secondary lighthouse:” its light beam was used in conjunction with the beam of another lighthouse to signal the proper route to incoming ships. Cape dOr2 

We ended our tour with Cape d’Or Scenic Area, a rugged coastline with sea and wind where Bay of Fundy runs into the Minas Channel. Another spot along the Fundy Shore Ecotour where you could easily spend the day with views of the sea and hiking.  

Where you find treacherous seas and riptides, you find a lighthouse. Cape d’Or lighthouse built in 1922, was destaffed in 1989. The Advocate District Development Association preserved the site and its structures in 1995. This organization repaired and converted the lightkeeper’s houses into Lightkeeper's Kitchen Restaurant where you can  watch the Bay of Fundy tides. Even spend the night at The Guesthouse, a converted lighthouse keeper's residence.



Fundy Shore Ecotour

  • View Along the Way
    View Along the Way
  • Age of Sail Heritage Centre Museum
    Age of Sail Heritage Centre Museum

    A different picture of items found outside the museum.

  • Age of Sail Heritage Centre Museum
    Age of Sail Heritage Centre Museum

    Th unique shape of this great museum.

  • Age of Sail Heritage Centre Museum
    Age of Sail Heritage Centre Museum

    Old desk 

  • Spencer's Island
    Spencer's Island

    View from the top of the small lighthouse, very close inside, showing a view of Old Shipyard Beach Campground

  • Age of Sail Heritage Centre Museum
    Age of Sail Heritage Centre Museum

    Showing cheques from a company once doing business in the area

  • The start of the Tour
    The start of the Tour

    A weathered barn along the way.

  • Cape d'Or
    Cape d'Or

    The end to our tour showing the Cape d'Or Lighthouse, guest house and restaurant with a breathtaking view.

  • Age of Sail Heritage Centre Museum
    Age of Sail Heritage Centre Museum

    There is a lot to see outside the museum building including the blacksmith shop

  • View Along the Way
    View Along the Way
  • Age of Sail Heritage Centre Museum
    Age of Sail Heritage Centre Museum

    This is a must visit, a lot to see and read about lumbering and shipbuilding history of the area

  • Fox Point Look-out
    Fox Point Look-out

    Great view of Cape Split across the Bay of Fundy

  • Spencer's Island
    Spencer's Island

    Spencer's Island lighthouse with an active light

  • View Along the Way
    View Along the Way
  • Age of Sail Heritage Centre Museum
    Age of Sail Heritage Centre Museum

    Kitchen of the era, with a recording of the woman looking out to sea and wondering when her husband will be back home.



North Cape - Most Northwesterly Tip of PEI

1 wavesThere is something very awe inspiring about going as far as you can to a tip of land to the sea and North Cape is awesome in the truest sense of the word. The Northumberland Strait meets the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the result is spectacular. The longest rock reef in North America is located here and if you time it right and the tide is out you can walk the reef and view seals, seabirds, and other forms of marine life.

If the tide is in, the rush of the waters is breath-taking. Also taking your breath away is the wind 2 windmillcreated on this exposed site making it home to The Wind Energy Institute of Canada, where they do research on the development of wind energy.

Although controversial, there are huge windmills here and the grace of the windmill farm blends into the physical environment around it.

There is a lot to do here including visiting the Wind Energy Interpretive Centre, walk the Black Marsh nature trail and view the North Cape Lighthouse.3 lighthouse

The Lighthouse, in service since 1866, is an octagonal shape and still a working lighthouse but not open to the public. An interesting fact about the lighthouse is that it has been moved six times since its construction due to erosion of North Cape.  

The wind Energy Interpretive Centre is worth the visit, well laid out with information which explains some basic concepts of wind energy for those like me who now have some understanding after visiting. They also have some great personifications of wind.

As you walk the trail, look to the beach and visitors have built small cairns and they dot the rocky beach, hard to spot as they blend in and of course don’t lead anyone anywhere-too may of them haphazardly laid out to find a path.

North Cape truly is a special place. The photos give you only a hint of the magic. To truly “see” it you must hear the sea and feel the wind.

The opening panel in the wind Energy Interpretive center, marrying science with poetry is fittingly the famous poem by poet Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)


Who Has Seen the Wind?4 face of wind

By Christina Rossetti

Who has seen the wind?

Neither I nor you:

But when the leaves hang trembling,

The wind is passing through.

Who has seen the wind?

Neither you nor I:

But when the trees bow down their heads,

The wind is passing by.




North Cape

  • North Cape Wind Energy Interpretive Centre
    Gary and the Wind

    Visual representation of the Wind at the North Cape Wind Energy Interpretive Centre

  • North Cape Lighhouse PEI
    North Cape Lighhouse

    An active lighthouse in service since 1866, has been moved 6 times due to erosion.

  • Longest rock reef in North America
    Longest Rock Reef in North America

    If you visit North Cape at low tide, you can walk onto the reef and view seals, seabirds and other forms of marine life.

  • Northe Cape PEI
    To the Most Northwesterly Tip of PEI

    The Northumberland Strait meets the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the result is WIND and more WIND

  • wind Mill Farm North Cape PEI
    Capturing the Wind

    Stand on the tip of land and you quickly understand why a wind mill farm creating the energy for the future.

  • North  North Cape Wind Energy Interpretive Centre
    Blowing Wind

    These wonderful visual representations of blowing wind appear through-out the  North Cape Wind Energy Interpretive Centre.

  • wind Mill Farm North Cape PEI
    View of the Wind Mill Farm

    although wind farms are controversial, the grace of the windmills blends into the physical environment around it.



  • North Cape Lighthouse PEI
    Turbine from Windmill

    Viewing the inside of a wind mill turbine with a view of the past- the lighthouse. 




Orwell Corner Historic Village - PEI

rd to charlottetown storyBeing a lover of historic villages, I was interested in Orwell Corner and was pleased we took the time to visit. This used to be a busy agricultural village on the cross road to Charlottetown. It was founded in the early 19th century by Scots and settled by families from the Isle of Skye, Ireland.

outside church for storyMany of the people living in Orwell are descendants of the original settlers and in 1970 the Provincial Centennial Commission combined with community volunteers, restored numerous buildings on their original site back to what they were, representing life in 1895. The site opened in 1973 and is now administered by the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation partnered with community volunteers of the Orwell Corner Pioneer Village Corporation.

The entrance building provides a lot of historical information including the written stories told on a serious of boards complete with photos of people who lived the life of the village as well as examples of actual machinery of the era. This leads to the village complete with a school, church, well stocked general store, dressmakers shop, working forge and livestock barn complete with horses, lambs, hens, pigs and cats among other buildings.

Read more: Orwell Corner Historic Village - PEI