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Joggins Fossil Cliffs

Joggins Fossil Cliffs – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage Site (UNESCO)

Joggins, Nova Scotia

Joggin Fossil Cliffs entranceJoggins Fossil Cliffs are an amazing place to visit, the cliffs are millions of years old and as our guide explained, walking a meter along the beach is like moving back or forward a million years in time!

Low TideJoggins is unique as the shore line is constantly altered by the Fundy Highest Tides in the world, and the Low Tides reveal the most complete fossil record of the “Coal Age,” 100 million years before the dinosaurs. I can’t grasp the science or such a huge span of history, but I was filled with awe being in this place.  

There are numerous tours you can take with knowledgeable, personable guides who make it easy to walk the beach looking for fossils. They tell you a lot about the “Coal Age”, point out fossils in the cliff, on the beach and explain why this site is so unique. 2 hour tourDue to the Fundy Tides, this site is not a place “set in stone” but dynamic and ever-changing making it an important living educational and scientific site. 

There is a museum with interactive displays making it easy to digest the information. You can walk the beach for free,you can pay a nominal fee to get into the museum and a 30-minute beach walk with a guide. But we were glad we took the guided 2-hour tour as we got so much more out of the experience. We slowly walked along the beach and our guide told us history and made the cliffs living. We had time to look for fossils on our own.close up of same trees He pointed out imprints of trees and possibly trees themselves in the cliffs. I can’t possibly do any justice to this place as it is so awe-inspiring and so much information to take in.  

There is also a 4-hour tour for the more committed visitors and if you are a student of this education, a once in a lifetime experience. In case you are wondering the 2-hour tour is physically easy as you walk along the beach slowly, it just requires a walk down some stairs to the beach.

3e newer cliffs showing layers wellA “World Heritage Site” as the Joggins website explains “is the designation given to special places in the world that are of outstanding universal value to humanity, and as such have been inscribed on the World Heritage List to be protected for future generations”

View the website before you go for the tide times and information on the Coal Age, tours available:  Joggins Fossil Cliffs UNESCO World Heritage Site    


Joggins Fossil Cliffs

  • Joggins Entrance Sign
    Joggins Entrance Sign

    Welcome sign at Joggin Fossil Cliffs

  • Cliffs View 1
    Cliffs View 1

    High Tide can change the appearance of the cliffs. This is looking back in time.

  • Two upright Tree Fossil's
    Two upright Tree Fossil's

    It was said that there is over 500 years age difference between these fossils

  • Karen found this tree bark Fossil
    Karen found this tree bark Fossil

    The interpreter said he had not seen a fossil formed this way

  • Cliffs View 3
    Cliffs View 3

    Another section of cliff further down the shore and moving forward in time.

  • cliffs view 2
    cliffs view 2

    The newer cliffs show layers well

  • Another Tree Fossil
    Another Tree Fossil

    Another piece of fossil found on the beach. They are everywhere.

  • Stair case down at low tide
    Stair case down at low tide

    See how far out the water goes, you see rock, mud, then water. At high tide it touches the stairs

  • Two Hour Tour
    Two Hour Tour

    Interpreter explaining and showing the fossils in the cliffs and on the beach.