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Baile nan Gaidheal--Highland Village

Iona, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia


Cape Breton has a strong heritage of Scottish roots, with Gaelic language, music and dance an important part of the Cape Breton culture.

14c various views of the villageIona, named after a community in  Scotland, was settled by Gaelic speaking immigrants from the Isle of Barra in 1802. Highland Village tells the story of that settlement starting at the black house, a stone house in Scotland. Outside the Black HouseWalk the village and see the economic and cultural development of Gaelic settlers on Cape Breton, covering the period starting 1770 to 1920’s.

The Village is located in a very peaceful and beautiful spot overlooking and surrounded by the Bras d’Or Lakes.    

If you love history and museums, you will enjoy watching history unfold with the help of the interpreters, dressed in costume and proud of their Gaelic background. My favourite parts were the views, all the goods in the General Store, the way time and history unfolded as we wound our way along the paths of the Village.

Link to Highland Village Website

Highland Village

  • Central Fire Place
    Central Fire Place

    What better way to heat a house, with a fireplace in the middle.

  • The Black House
    The Black House

    Old Stone house representative of how the settlers lived in Scotland prior to settling in Iona.

  • Shool House Black Board
    Shool House Black Board

    I would bet that black board saw a lot of chalk 

  • Horse enjoying the view
    Horse enjoying the view

    Working horse enjoying a break.

  • The School House
    The School House
  • Village and Bras d'Or Lake
    Village and Bras d'Or Lake

    We could not believe the views from the Highland Village.

  • Black Smith finished products
    Black Smith finished products

    From fancy stuff to nails for building houses. He did it all.

  • Inside the Church
    Inside the Church

    This church would fill up regularly for worship.

  • The Church
    The Church

    A top the hill sits the iconic Church that was moved from its original site in Malagawatch to the Highland Village.

  • General Store goods for sale
    General Store goods for sale

    The even had candy.

  • The log House
    The log House

    Moving up in comfort.

  • General Store Post Office
    General Store Post Office

    Years are advancing with mail, and note the phone.

  • Inside turn of the Century Home
    Inside turn of the Century Home

    We found a 3D viewer with slides.

  • Black Smith at work
    Black Smith at work

    This guy handles hot stuff all day. Repairs, New product he did it all.

  • View from the Village
    View from the Village

    From the edge of the Village we get a great view of the Bras d'Or Lake

  • The Kitchen
    The Kitchen

    Things started to get cozier in later years.